Mobile Picking App is a part of Prodistics ePV Mobile Suite. Application has the capability of Bar Code scanning and RFID Scanning.

Application facilitates the user to

  • Check Inventory Location.
  • Update Inventory Quantity.
  • Validate and Fulfill orders.

Collected data can be synchronized with a back end database like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle etc on offline or online mode. Data can also be stored in Excel spread sheet or XML Format.

Collected data can be utilized by other applications. Custom Reports and Exceptions Alerts are generated from the collected data.

Customer Order Details from other applications or from Excel Spread sheet can also be imported (uploaded) into Mobile Picking App.

Mobile Picking App is a form based application with intuitive user interface, which can be loaded into any Handheld/Smart devices with Windows CE Operating System.

Mobile Picking App can work with other ePV Mobile Suite Application.


  • Reduced Labor.
  • Increased Accuracy in Order Filling.
  • Order Filling Audit Trail.